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Wild Wingshooting Africa

Allow me to introduce you to one of the most diverse wingshooting destinations in the World… Africa

Most people see the Dark Continent of Africa as home to the notorious Black Death - the Cape Buffalo, and the remainder of the Big 5, or Dangerous 7, and also its incredibly varied plains game animals, but very little is written or known about its fantastic wingshooting!!

For the early riser who is passionate about waterfowl, Africa offers magnificent decoyed duck and goose shooting. Yellow-billed duck and Red-billed teal offer very fast and action packed shoots on the inland waters. The massive Spur-winged and Egyptian Geese provide some excellent sport in the cultivated fields off of these waters. So, if it's the challenge of decoyed ducks and cupped wings coming in to land, we certainly can provide you with an action packed day!!

For the more traditional upland bird shooter, Africa has no more than 9 different species of Francolin or Spurfowl that can be hunted over well trained pointing dogs. And please, do not forget the African specialty of driven guinea fowl…

Guinea fowl driven over the guns by a team of up to 100 African "beaters" is one of our most exciting shoots!! The anticipation as the beaters draw closer to the gun line, and the final chaos as large flocks of guineas flush over the line with their loud cackle and wing beat, is something to behold and enjoy!! So if it's the flutter of wings and shrill call from a bird that gets up in front of a dog on staunch point, or the accumulated cackle of a flushed flock of guinea fowl being driven overhead that gets your heart racing, we have a lot of excitement in store for you!!

For those of you that are more interested in some higher volume shooting, the "Breadbasket" of our country provides one with seemingly limitless numbers of doves and pigeons to test your skill on!! And test your skill they will. Besides for the 3 different species of doves that you will encounter, one will also be faced with the challenging Rock or Speckled Pigeons, who really will test your shooting skill and keep one humble... Flocks of birds flying at 70 mph, and turning so acrobatically on a dime, leave many shooters wondering why they are not dropping any birds. If its action that you are after, we have plenty of that in store for you!!

The best part about wingshooting in Africa is that we can combine all of the above aspects of wingshooting into one action packed trip for you and your friends. So be they waterfowl shooters, upland bird shooters, or just plain shooters, everyone can expect a whole bunch of fun on a 7 or 10-day bird shoot with us.