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Congo Forest Hunting

Join Mike Currie on an adventure of a lifetime!! The tropical rainforests of Central and West Africa are one of those areas that should be on every true hunter and species collector's list of places to go!!

Unique in every sense, from the habitat and the species that inhabit it, to the local tribe's people that call these areas home… The Baka Pygmies, the true hunters of the forest, and your most unbelievable trackers during your stay in the jungle, will make this adventure one to remember.

Mike Currie Adventures makes use of the Tala Tala hunting block in the far northern reaches of the Congo (Brazzaville). This area encompasses approximately 800'000 hectares of true equatorial rainforests, and is prime habitat for the secretive Bongo, elusive Forest Sitatunga, and short tempered Dwarf Forest Buffalo. Oh, and please do not forget the plethora of forest dwelling duikers and hogs that also call this area home!!

Bongos are hunted with the assistance of the Pygmy trackers and their every loyal dogs. The dogs are vital in ones success, in keeping a bayed up bongo busy enough to allow for accurate sexing and trophy assessment, and ultimately a well-placed shot. The pygmies have certainly mastered the art of tracking in the forest, and it is a privilege to see these exceptional hunters at work!!

Forest Sitatunga and Buffalo are best hunted from elevated stands or "Machans" overlooking promising looking swamps and salt licks that these species are known to frequent.