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- TRAVEL INFO - Cameroon Savannah Hunting

Our areas are accessed from N'Gaoundéré Airport, which is a mere two hours drive away from the hunting area. This airport is serviced by regular flights from Douala, thus eliminating the need for costly charter flights.

Douala, the main point of entry to Cameroon, is serviced by daily flights from Paris on Air France. Several other airlines also service Douala on a regular basis. Please consult with your travel agent for the best option for you.


A Visa is required for entry into Cameroon. Please give yourself enough time when applying for your visa, they can take time.


Please consult with us regarding the temporary importation of your firearms into Cameroon. A maximum of TWO rifles plus ONE shotgun may be imported per client.


Cameroon is a Malaria area, and malaria prophylaxis is strongly recommended. Please consult with your doctor with regards to which medication would be best suited to you.


Access to Cameroon will not be granted without a valid Yellow Fever Certificate. Please ensure that yours is up to date and valid.

Yellow Fever