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There are few things in life that I envy, and one of those is the person who is still to see a magnificent Lord Derby Eland for the first time… To me, this is Africa's premiere game animal, no doubt about it. For those not yet having seen the magnificent Lord Derby Eland with his black "winter neck" and splendid horns appearing, and just as soon disappearing into the bush, are in for a heart skipping moment!

No short cuts are possible in ones quest for one of these prized trophies! A true tracking safari! Long hours on the tracks, and the use of all of ones bush craft and hunting skill are all needed to ensure ones success on a Lord Derby Eland safari.

The Vina hunting area in Northern Cameroon, is not only the largest uninterrupted hunting area in Cameroon, but also plays home to a good population of these magnificent animals. Not only are Eland plentiful here, but a huge variety of typically West African game is present as well. This includes the North West Buffalo, Western Roan, Harnessed Bushbuck, Sing Sing Waterbuck, Western Hartebeest, Central African Kob, Nigerian Bohor Reedbuck, Oribi and Red-Flanked duikers to name a few. In fact, for anyone traveling to West Africa for the first time, all of the species that one encounters here will be new!

Surprises are a plenty in these magnificent areas, but the greatest surprise of all, is the numbers of game seen on a daily basis throughout this wilderness area.

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